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Roxana de Rond

Illustration, cards and gifts


“There is nothing so delightful as drawing”, Van Gogh wrote, and I agree. Nothing quite compares to the soft scratch of the pencil on paper, the dip pen and ink, the mixing of paints, and the stepping-back to see if the balance is right.

My work includes original watercolours, limited prints and a variety of cards. I like my pictures to tell a story. In Dance Dance Dance, for example, twelve small drawings show a girl practicing ballet throughout the day, while setting the table, watching her favourite television programme, brushing her teeth and even while getting ready for bed.  In another picture, children play hide and seek amongst the silver birches.  Though my work has an innocent childlike quality it is not just for children like Kings Parade and the Trees.  Both of these were created by layering different parts of the drawing, giving a 3D effect.  Many drawings are set in Cambridge.  Among the new pictures is one of the Fountain at the Botanic Gardens. It was inspired by a number of days spent enjoying the sunshine, the new green of spring, the colour of the blossoms and
other families appreciating the same things.

I sell my work during Cambridge Open Studios in July, Primavera, various London fairs and my favourite Christmas event Cambridge Christmas.
For more information look at my website.



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