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Katie Lynn and Molten Wonky

Katie is passionate about making quirky, colourful and original products. She works in a random and haphazard way and that is all part of her unique work.

Molten Wonky was set up in 2009 by Katie Lynn. Having previously worked with Stained Glass, Katie had experience of working with the wonderful colours that are available in glass but found that she wanted to work in a freer more fluid way.

Katie bought a small kiln and started to fuse some of her designs. Her first range was a Christmas collection in 2010. Nugget jewels and the first wonkyLANDs were grown in 2011. wonkyLOVE was introduced in 2012 for valentines day and 2013 has bought quirky birds in to the range.
Colour and shape are a fundamental part of Katie Lynn's work. She enjoys cutting, designing and fusing the glass together. Dichrioc pieces, wire, paint and millefiore are also added to create interest and to make each piece individual.

Molten Wonky's products are sold in white gift boxes stamped with the logo or and organza bag.

For more information please go to Katie's website.





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