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Katharina Klug


Katharina studied ceramics in Austria and Germany and after years of traveling settled in Cambridge. Her work speaks through simplicity of design and form. She is particularly drawn to creating porcelain vessels of all kinds, and is inspired by the elemental colour and shape of ancient Korean pottery.
Each piece is a hand made one-off piece, but her work is often united by form or design in a series of three or more pieces. When creating a pot, Katharina strives to achieve balance and stability. When decorating, she uses natural forms and rudimentary patterns which are pressed, scraped, or stuck to the pot's surface.
Katharina has a large collection of tools and found objects that she uses to texture and decorate the surface of her work; shells, cutlery, credit cards, saw blades and cocktail sticks to name a few. She is always searching for objects that can create interesting pattens. In realising her designs Katharina employs several techniques, carving features heavily, but she also uses wax resist and scraffito.

Katharina is currently developing a collection of wall hangings - abstract ceramic pictures that use colour and textures.  She mixes glazes using her own recipes developed and refined since she began working as a potter.   All her work is fired to 1260C. This means that all her pieces are waterproof and food-safe.

Please visit her website for more information.





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